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I would like to personally thank Top Notch Hockey for opening many doors for my son, Jacob Kupsky, last summer.  This was a great experience for Jacob that ultimately landed him on the NAHL’s Lone Star Brahmas this season. The showcase also not only landed him many other try-out invites, but put him on the radar of college programs as well. Jacob’s opportunity to be a Brahma has resulted in him receiving another huge opportunity:  to live out his dream of playing college hockey next fall for the defending division I National Champion team, Union College. 


As a former player- now coach- and always student of the game, I would have to say Top Notch was one of the best showcases that my son, Jacob, has ever attended as it is proving to be one of the greatest decisions made in his hockey career. The showcase was well ran and represented with NAHL, USHL & college coaches. The major difference that separated this showcase from the rest was that the coaches weren’t just there to scout players- they were hands on in coaching and educating, both on and off the ice, which was extremely beneficial for these players. The separate on-ice goalie sessions were also very hands on and run extremely well.  Furthermore, it was very refreshing that all of the coaches participated, rather than just a handful, because it allowed for more focus on an individual scale which surely benefitted many players that attended. In addition, the classroom time included extremely informative Q & A sessions that helped educate both the players and their parents on these next levels of hockey.

To anyone invited to the showcase, I would highly recommend that you attend.  It is a tremendous value in the education and instruction the players receive, on top of the tremendous list of teams represented. I am sure the list of teams will only continue to grow with the success & opportunities that Top Notch Hockey will continue to create for players looking to play at the next level.


Thank you again- and I can only see more future success for many players moving on as you continue running this showcase.



David A. Kupsky, father of Jake Kupsky-Union commit

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